Border Aviation Club and Flight School prides itself on its heritage and has been providing superior flight training to pilots for decades. The club has excellent facilities and aircraft as well as a highly qualified team of staff to put your needs first. Border Aviation Club and Flight School can train you to become a recreational pilot, allowing you to hire the club’s aircraft for your personal needs or help you realise your dreams of becoming a career pilot, all this with the added benefit of being with like-minded people enjoying the club environment.

The club’s training environment includes briefing rooms, an online examination centre and a fleet of highly maintained aircraft.

The East London Airport provides an ideal training environment as the skies are uncluttered yet providing all the facilities and services for advanced flight training.

The Border Aviation Club boasts great recreational facilities which includes a bar and undercover braai area where club members gather. There is also a pilots lounge which takes advantage of a big screen viewing area.

From fly-aways to club events, the Border Aviation Club is a great family environment but still maintains the feeling of being part of a greater community. Enhance your skills with this exciting experience. The East London area offers an array of grass runways and short strips in the Transkei and Stutterheim areas as well as on neighbouring farms. Enjoy some Eastern Cape hospitality and expand your horizons.


National Pilot Licence (NPL)

Your entrance into aviation.  Introducing you to the fun and affordable way to fly light sport aircraft 

  • Go solo at age 16 | Obtain NPL at age 17
  • 35 hours flight time (20 Dual + 15 Solo) LSA
  • 25 hours flight time (10 Dual + 15 Solo) CCM & WCM
  • 8 Subjects
  • Restricted Radio Licence

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Aeroplane (A) and Helicopter (H) – The beginning for recreational or career flying, allowing you to explore the country with your family and friends

  • Go solo at age 16 | Obtain PPL at age 17
  • (A) 45 Hours flight time (minimum of 15 hours solo)
  • (H) 50 Hours flight time (minimum of 15 hours solo)
  • Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • 8 Subjects
  • Restricted Radio Licence

Night Rating

Additional training enabling you to fly an aircraft at night, and a requirement for a Commercial Pilot Licence

  • 10 hours instrument training
  • Training for night flying
  • 1 Subject

Instrument Rating

Advanced training in instrument flight procedures, enabling the pilot to operate in all weather conditions

  • Please contact us for further details on this rating

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Aeroplane (A) and Helicopter (H) – The start to your aviation career, allowing you to be remunerated for your flying

  • 200 hours flight time (100 Dual + 100 Solo)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • 10 Subjects
  • General Radio Licence

Instructor Rating

Teaching others the graceful art of flying and bringing you the greatest reward by imparting the knowledge you have gained unto others

  • 80 hours of ground briefing
  • 20 hours of Flight training
  • 2 Subjects

Multi Engine Training

Enabling you to fly aircraft with more than one engine, making you a more valuable career pilot or adding peace of mind for your private needs

  • Training for multi engine rating

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