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Whether you choose Aviation as a hobby or a career, you will See, Feel and Experience things that people who don’t fly, never will. Envision a career that lets you see the world and experience various cultures. A career that brings a new adventure over every horizon. Picture a hobby that lets you fly up our majestic, untouched coastline for a breakfast or fly away with family and friends to remote destinations. Border Aviation Club caters for both recreational and career training. We offer the same specialised, individual training to each student, tailored to their specific need.

Border Aviation Club and Flight School offers professional flight training at three dedicated bases, namely East London Airport, Wings Park East London and Queenstown Airfield. Established in the 1940’s, Border Aviation Club is one of South Africa’s most long-standing flying institutions.



Now that I have acquired the basic flying skills, I would like to thank all at The Border Aviation Club for the huge amount of time and effort put in, in training me.

John Williams Jones


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