The Windlass is one of the earlier trikes built by Solo Wings in KZN.  It has an Aquila 1 wing which is a high lift wing, making it a well balanced Microlight with a Rotax 503 (50hp) motor.  The wing is very forgiving and aids the student due to its wing size – 17m² compared to the standard 14m².

The wings design characteristics are strength, stability, light handling and a forgiving nature.  The Windlass is a weight-shift controlled, two-seats-in-tandem, open cockpit, tricycle landing gear and a single engine in pusher configuration, making it the ideal ab initio training  Microlight.

  • NPL Training (Weight Shift – WCM)
  • Convertion to type

General characteristics

Crew one pilot
Capacity 1 passenger
Wingspan 17m
Height 2.6 m
Empty weight 166 kg
Max All up weight 450 kg
Powerplant Rotax 503, (50hp), Dual Ignition, Air Cooled


Max speed 60 mph
Cruise speed 45-55 mph
Stall speed 32 mph
Range 2.45hrs @ 50 mph (140 miles)
Service ceiling 10,000 ft
Rate of climb 700 ft/min
Fuel consumption 12-17 L/hour

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