National Pilot Licence (NPL)

The National Pilot Licence is ideal for recreational pilots. While you are limited to flying aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), Conventionally Controlled Microlight (CCM) or Weight-shift Controlled Microlight (WCM) categories, it remains the most affordable way to get in the air!

The NPL does not allow you to fly for reward or remuneration, or outside the borders of South Africa.

Aircraft in this Category are:

  • (LSA) – Light Sport Aircraft, maximum weight 600kg
  • (CCM) – Conventional Controlled Microlight, maximum weight 450kg
  • (WCM) – Weight Controlled Microlight

Training in a less expensive aircraft, and with a slightly lower requirement for total flight time, makes this the most affordable way to realise your dream of flight. On completion of your NPL you can use this license as credits towards completing your PPL or CPL.

  • Minimum age of 17 years
  • Valid class 4 or higher medical certificate
  • Restricted radio licence (complete the Radio Telephony course and exam)

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Get your NPL and enjoy the thrills of flying

How long it takes you to complete your training is up to you!